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In a recent interview with one of our satisfied WIT clients, Allison O’Toole of Warandyte, talked about the importance of securing your own financial future.

WIT: Allison, thank you for taking the time to chat with me this morning.

Allison: You’re welcome, thanks for driving out to see me.

WIT: You are now in the process of securing your 3rd investment property through WIT. As a single mum, did you ever think that it would be possible to get to this point?

Allison: Initially no. And it took some convincing, especially for my first property. Bill was very convincing, he has a knack of going over the pro’s and con’s in a way that makes a decision a lot easier. By the end of the day I was very comfortable with the choice I had made. And financially it turned out to be less of a burden than I thought it would be. Being on a single wage I was worried that I wouldn’t manage the re payments.

WIT: So I take it, the investments were structured in such a way as to minimise the day to day running of your household?

Allison: That’s right, we have coped really well. I have had a couple of promotions at work and the kids are now working and studying at Uni. My latest investment Is shaping up to only cost me $42.00 per week, which won’t impact our busy lives much at all.

WIT: What do your kids think about your investments?

Allison: I hope that I have shown them that it is possible in this day and age to invest wisely, and that the earlier you start investing the better. I have a different coloured box near my bed for each of my properties, and each time I get a new bill or statement I file them away in anticipation of tax time. They remind me every day of what I have achieved, and I hope my kids are inspired.

WIT: Great stuff. All the best for the future Allison and thanks again for your feedback.

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