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Property Management Melbourne

Property Management

Our primary objective is to provide the best service in managing your rental side of your business.  Most Real Estate agents are only interested in making money and provide poor service.

Our selected industry partners understand that a residential property is a significant asset and that as an owner your principal objective is to maximise the return on your investment, both in terms of rental income and capital appreciation.

Our team of property managers are always there to talk to you and are ready to answer all your questions.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a tenant or a landlord, we are always ready to serve you.

They have the ability to oversee every aspect of your rental property which will be conducted by a dedicated property manager with expert knowledge of your local area and smart business procedures.

Our selected property managers are solely focused on property management and are focused on delivering the highest level of personal service and support to both the landlords and tenants.

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The Best Property Management Service in Melbourne

Imagine investing in a property and hiring someone to look after it only to learn some months down the road that things have not been going well and your rental income has fallen short of what was due. It’s a terrible scenario but one that plenty of property owners and landlords face every year as a result of negligent business partners.

The good news is that when it comes to property management in Melbourne, there is a team with 16 years experience in the marketplace and a sterling track record, ready, willing and able to deliver the results you want.

That’s the team here at WIT Group. We believe in working constructively with our clients to ensure that we are on the same page and can proceed with their best interests informing our decisions and the actions that we take. We appreciate that many people invest in property to create a source of income that will contribute toward their retirement. We also understand that in many cases, those that own such properties are time poor or recognise that they could use some help in securing the best tenants.

Our Melbourne property managers want to provide you with the best service accessible on the market today. We work hard to ensure that you receive a return on your investment, both with regards to rental income and capital appreciation. We achieve this through assigning a dedicated property manager that possesses in-depth local knowledge and can implement smart procedures when necessary.

How Property Management Services Add Value

  • Naturally, there are plenty of property owners that approach the rental market for the first time confident that they can manage it without any assistance. While it is undeniable that some people achieve their goals, many more fall short as a result of time constraints, personal commitments and a lack of knowledge with regards to the rental market and their responsibilities.
  • Securing Melbourne residential property management services is a smart solution. When you gain the focus on a property manager the cost to retain them pays for itself over the year. At WIT Group, we know how to achieve everything your tenants will require. We have countless partners that we can call upon as and when required, and this ensures that things run smoothly and are resolved quickly.
  • With a property manager looking after your investment, you can feel assured that they are keeping records of everything that you need to know about. We track everything from rent to repairs, so when the time comes to settle your tax bill at the end of the year, you can simply request the records you need and hand them over to the accountant.
  • Finding the right tenants can be difficult. However, when it comes to rental property management in Melbourne, you can take confidence in the fact that our professionals have a long list of vetted tenants. We can handle viewings and screen potential problem tenants. This makes it much easier to secure the kind of people you want living in your home and it protects your rental income.

Many Services Under One Roof

Here at WIT Group, we believe that securing the best property management Melbourne has to offer is essential unless your area of expertise is in property management. Think of all the time and money that you will save by accessing a provider that has everything you need, including all the right answers under one roof.

Finally, in choosing our team, you also gain access to a range of other services from conveyancing to real estate to mortgage brokers and accountancy services to property advisors. There is no point taking a chance with the property you have invested in. Seek the assistance of professional property management services in Melbourne from the team here at WIT Group today.

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